GBP/USD Tuesday 10.30.12 710am

October 30th, 2012

Long #41 and DP, SL -17p (originally -19, below signal candle but when I went in I got a better deal).

Set price alert 19p away

Tgt =38p


Moved SL to +0.2p


SL triggered

Gain +0.3p

USD/CAD Thursday 10.11.12 915am

October 11th, 2012

Long #41, SL above current 1h candle (one candle after signal candle) -18p.

Tgt 8p (remainder of the 20p from signal candle)


Loss -17.7p

Went in late trying to get the remainder pips of the signal candle, be careful next time.

EUR/GBP Wednesday 10.10.12 505pm

October 10th, 2012

Short #41, SL -15p, Tgt 13p


Analyzing exit with #40 m1, m5. Lower low’s and hi’s.

SL to breakeven (above 6pm this hour’s candle high). Tgt taken lower


Used #40 m1, when higher high’s came is when I lowered my SL to last high.

Gain +6.6p

EUR/GBP Wednesday 10.10.12 320pm

October 10th, 2012

Long #41, SL -9

Went in since it had broken 75ma and the price was lower than the signal candle thinking its a good deal.


Loss (-8.5p)

Mistake: From the signal candle the target of 7p was already hit before this candle.

AUD/USD Thursday 10.4.12 1030pm

October 4th, 2012

Long (#41 h1), SL (-24p) under signal candle (9m).

Back-tested and this looks like a good trade.

Checked 4h and 1D S/R.

Went in on #40 m5 at Sto. cross

Tgt. at 4h R (possible to get +55p from here since its Thursday and 3 4h candles can do that realistically.

Friday 424am

LOSS (-26P)

Becareful of MACD crossovers under 0 and over-night trades, also the NFP payroll was due out this morning @830am so keep High priority economics reports on tab.

GBP/USD Thursday 10.4.12 1038am

October 4th, 2012

Long (#41 1h), SL under signal 1h (8am) candle (-37p). Didn’t go in until 10am candle (this candle was green and the 9am candle was red but less than halfway into the signal candle). I look at the Daily S/R and also the hourly to see if there is any resistance there (since I didn’t have a Tgt).



EUR/AUD Wednesday 10.3.12 106pm

October 3rd, 2012

Short: #26 m30 / m5. SL above recent high (-18p)


Loss (-17.5p)

Watch going against the trend.

USD/CHF Wednesday 10.3.12 842am

October 3rd, 2012

Long: #41 h1, broke 75 and BB @ 6am candle but was only 5pips away from right now price.

No resistance on 4h Daily or 4h.

200MA +12pips away.

#26  30m, MAs crossed at 730am but Sto. not in oversold yet.

SL (-12p), since the signal candle on #41 h1 is a few candles away I will not place my stop according to that (which would be -21p away). So my stop is placed under this hours candle (9am).


LOSS (-12.9P)

Stay away from pairs close to their 200MA, don’t assume they will break above, it may happen but the risk it too high that they won’t.

USD/JPY Tuesday 10.2.12 930am

October 2nd, 2012

Short (#40 m15) SL = (-11p). Other reasons I am in the trade on h4 last candle is run into resistance and its a upside down shooting star (see below).




Stopped out (-10.3p) Loss


NZD/USD Monday 10.1.12 540pm

October 1st, 2012

Short (#40 m15) SL (-15p) target will be a crossover of the m15 MACD or break of above the RSI resistance line (below) or a Support line on the daily or h4 chart. Also went in because I missed a few trades and felt like I had get myself back in or this trading block would continue so I found the least riskiest pair with the least SL.




Stopped out (-17.5p) Loss