EUR/USD Tuesday 10.30.12 918am

Long #41 and #26h4

SL 19p (should’ve been 23p; 20p for candle and 3p for late entry which already run up that much)

Went in late, 918 is late for this candle.


It peaked and I realize that my Tgt might have been 1p too high.


It closed under the 5MA a couple of candles and I checked on bak-tst for this and it looks I will stop out.


It came back above the 5MA and after my trade being (-12p) it is now breakeven.


Took loss manually (saw this trending down and that it would hit my SL. Which it did before rallying to past my Tgt over-night but pair would’ve reached down to grab my SL and then rally so I would’ve lost 19p, so I saved.)

Loss -7.3p (originally -19p)

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