AUD/USD Wednesday 11.7.12 1103am

November 7th, 2012

Long #41 and DP

SL -18p (should been -20p but got a better deal)

Tgt 40p


Loss -3.3p

AUD/USD Monday 11.5.12 617pm

November 6th, 2012

Long #41 and DP

Went in because earlier I took a loss and this could be the run because Tokyo and Australia sessions are opening soon. Also kept seeing a cup on 5m that looked it would break.

SL -8p

Tgt 16p


Gain 16.7p

The pair went way past my Tgt on this same candle the peak was a total of 57p if I would have sold at the top of the candle.

AUD/USD Monday 11.5.12 1200pm

November 6th, 2012

Long #41

Went in with only 2lts because it is Monday and election is coming up and its later in the afternoon and this could be a loss.

SL -10p

Tgt 16p


Loss -10.7p

Should have placed SL 1p above and lost less.

AUD/USD Friday 11.2.12 1206pm

November 2nd, 2012

Long #41 and DP

Was wondering if this was a good trade or not since it was Friday but understanding that Strategy is more important than feeling is what got me to put it on.

SL -17p

TGT +34p


Gain +28p

(I was adjusting the SL down with the 5m Ch. and then I change my SL to Trailing Fixed “50” and as soon as I clicked ok it Sold so I missed out on 6p from the original Tgt.)

AUD/USD Friday 11.2.12 704am

November 2nd, 2012

Short #41 and DP.

Didn’t check this last night since I was checking GBP/USD and since it was Friday I was wary of going in and loosing pips but did so because strategy was saying to do it (all emotions out, negative or positive).

SL -13p

Tgt +26p


Loss -12.3p

Didn’t realize that jobs data was to come out this morning. But my identical trade on GBP/USD worked with a gain of +43p but this one the SL was hit with a spike.

GBP/USD Friday 11.2.12 205am

November 2nd, 2012

Short #41 and DP

The 1am candle was the signal candle and when I awoke to check it I got a better deal to get in.

SL -23p

Tgt 43p (1 pip lower since it can come close and reverse).

841am (while in traffic)

Gain +43.8p

Once my target was hit it retreated and went back down +14p past the Tgt.

There was a jobs report due this morning and that is why the pair was going sideways while I check thru the night.

EUR/USD Thursday 11.1.12 804am

November 1st, 2012

Long #41 and #26h4 (woke up at 2am and 5am to check and no triggers of strategy) (#26h4 was very close but still bullish so I went in).

SL -17p

Tgt +17p


Gain +17p

AUD/USD Thursday 11.1.12 503am

November 1st, 2012

Long #41 (DP). (set alarm to wake up at 502am to check and since this had triggered I went in)

SL -16p

Tgt +32p

(two candles before was a bear strategy but next candle, the one before this was a doji and this candle closed above the 75 and BB, thus triggering a Long indication)


Gain +32.7p

AUD/USD Wednesday 10.31.12 1200pm

October 31st, 2012

Long #41 (DP)

SL -18p (since it had run up a few pips so quickly I had to go in at that time and that is the price I paid and SL was right below the signal candle, thus it being 18 instead of 17).

Tgt 34p (the actual length of the signal candle was 17 thus that is equal to 2x 17).


Realized that I hadn’t checked the RSI before buying and when I checked it it was at 47.05. I realized this trade was no good and got out of it with a quick loss.

Loss -4.3p

EUR/USD Tuesday 10.30.12 918am

October 30th, 2012

Long #41 and #26h4

SL 19p (should’ve been 23p; 20p for candle and 3p for late entry which already run up that much)

Went in late, 918 is late for this candle.


It peaked and I realize that my Tgt might have been 1p too high.


It closed under the 5MA a couple of candles and I checked on bak-tst for this and it looks I will stop out.


It came back above the 5MA and after my trade being (-12p) it is now breakeven.


Took loss manually (saw this trending down and that it would hit my SL. Which it did before rallying to past my Tgt over-night but pair would’ve reached down to grab my SL and then rally so I would’ve lost 19p, so I saved.)

Loss -7.3p (originally -19p)